The  31st Annual Meeting of the Torquay Angling Club Inc. Will be held on Sunday 14th January 2018 at 2.00 pm. The meeting will be followed by a BBQ and all members are invited to attend.


The Business of the meeting is as follows.

1. To confirm the minutes of the 30th AGM held on 8th January 2017-11-24

2. To receive and consider income and expenditure for the year ending 31st October 2018.

3. The election of officers.

          (a) The Commodore for one year.

         (b) Three Committee members for three years.

         Note Nominations for the above positions will close at 6pm on the 7th January 2018.All nominations must be completed on the standard form located in the clubrooms and handed in person to the club  secretary , or posted and lodged by the above due date.

4. To fix the annual fees for the 2018/19 season.

5. General discussion and any other lodged motions.

Any lodged motions must be lodged no later than 31st December 2017 and must be lodged in person to the club secretary or posted and lodged by the above date.

Your current committee is: Commodore:  Trevor Doolan.

                                                 Co-Captains:  Col McDougall & Mike Estcourt*.

                                                 Secretary: Tash Hilton.

                                                Treasurer: Jan Menzel.

General:  Andrew Withington, Jason Menz , Gary Harbinson (Retired) & Shayne Hope (retired).

*Denotes retiring members

All members please note Membership fees are due and payable on the 1st November 2017 and only financial members are eligible to vote at the AGM