Well itís been an ordinary winter as (above) refers to and no doubt were all looking forward to warmer days.

To start with, our fishing mate and regular info guru, Mike Estcourt is off to W.A to enjoy some fine weather and will be returning in October so if you donít see him around donít panic!!.

Also departing the committee is our tech guru and head barman Garry (Harbo) Harbinson and his lovely lass Julie, who have moved to Tassie to run his own motel in St, Helens. If youíre visiting Tassie and down St Helens way, stop in and say gíday, perhaps stay a night or two. Iím quite sure they would make you most welcome. (Anchor Wheel Motel, St Helens (03) 6376 1358 or info@anchorwheelmotel.com.au).

It seems, that itís that time of the year to seek out some warmer weather, as a result, over the next month or so, several of the committee members will be attempting to sooth their old bones in a warmer climate, myself included. However the structures are in place to ensure the club runs like a well tuned 4 stroke over the next few weeks.

Tash, Jan, Jason, and Andrew will hold down the fort and hopefully receive a hand from the regular lads and ladies who visit the club.

Donít be afraid to empty a bin, sweep the floor, wipe a bench or take the rubbish out, it all helps to keep your club clean and tidy. Rob Earl will keep an eye on the tractors, together with Joel McLoughlin. Thanks lads!!!

As our friend the digit has said, it has been slow fishing and we all look forward to the warmer months ahead. Let me take this chance to remind all members who have vessels to check their safety gear, regos, batteries etc because thereís nothing worse than expecting a pleasant days fishing and the motor wont start, or the water police issue a penalty for a flat battery in your torch,etc,etc,etc. as safety is cheap compared to you or a loved one or mates life, it should be one of your main priorities if not the highest.!!!!!!!

Special mention on Billy Rebbeccis pending Australian record Broadbill, well done to Dutchman junior and his pop!!!!

Look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Tight lines