We have started off well this year with a bunch of good fish being caught, when the weather allows. Currently our Juniors are showing up the oldies with good solid fish already this year.

We have decided that, along with our ongoing Competitions we are going to hold One Off Fishing Days, these will be at short notice because it is very difficult to plan ahead with our weather. On a Wednesday, if the weather looks good for the coming Sunday, we will send out an email inviting all members to get out Sunday, have a good time whether boat or land based, and come back to the Club for a BBQ at about 1pm. These may or may not be for Heaviest Fish prizes, maybe spot prizes. We just want to get people enjoying fishing and meeting new members.

Unfortunately I couldnt make the Presentation Night as I was overseas at a family function but Id like to congratulate our new Club Champion Shayne Hope and Junior Club Champion Colt Loader and all other winners. Lets get out there this year and try to get our names up on the boards next year.

Id like to thank Hodg for organizing a terrific Presentation Night, he worked tirelessly to put this together which is much appreciated by all of us fishos in the Club

We are actively seeking a replacement tractor, the Marine Rescues new tractor is due April or May so we are trying to coordinate our about the same time as theirs. We are researching the feasibility of erecting a gantry for weighing bigger fish, early days so will keep you posted.

Our social scene is going well, every 2 weeks on a Friday night we have been having between 20 and 100 people enjoying the Club and partaking in various meal options. We have had pizza, bbq, party pies and fried dim sims. Our biggest night so far was our Paella Night when Adrian and Peter, members of our club, cooked 2 massive dishes, one chicken and chorizo and one Seafood Mixta. We had 100 people who all raved about how good it was. For these nights we need you to RSVP, in this case we has 93 RSVPs and a few extras who we managed to cater for so please remember to always RSVP for functions so you don't miss out.

GORCC have advised that they are getting closer to sealing our car park but cant give a date yet, Im sure it will get done soon

Unfortunately there has been a small minority who have their own agendas who have been working to destabilise the club, using local media and other vehicles to spread misinformation. A similar situation occurred at the Torquay SLSC recently, again misinformation in the media. These occurrences are due to a very small number of people who are making it difficult for the majority of members for reasons known only to themselves. The vast majority of our members are more than happy with the current direction we are taking and we receive feedback to that effect all the time. 

Over the past few years we have increased membership, have more families, more women attending and more social events which we are proud of.

It should be noted that your Committee are all volunteers and doing their best for the membership. There might be a few oversights along the way but nothing intentional. We are fishermen as most of you are and we just want to go fishing. See you out there

Peter Sharp

Club Captain