Both our captains are away for a while so I have been deputised to write this report on their behalf so here goes ÖÖ

The 5 fish aggregating devices were installed on the artificial reef in 2017 with the purpose of attracting bait fish followed by salmon and kingfish. Some kingies were caught but we hope that increases over time
If you have fished the FADs can you please pass on reports and photos to the club for us to feedback to Fisheries as they are keen to hear from anglers so they can start to evaluate the project.
The FADS were removed on the 28th of May to ensure whales do not get caught in chains during migration and also to avoid winter storms. They will be reinstalled in October / November this year

We have reinstated our Friday night social get togetherís every second Friday of the month over winter
The first night was on May 11 which was a pizza night. It was very successful with about 60 people turning up on an extremely cold night
The second pizza night was on June 8, again very successful
The next night will be Friday 29th June so we can say hello to Harbo & Julie who are down from Fiji on their way back to Tassie & again on 13th July. We will be trying different styles of food as time goes on so keep an eye out on your emails and our Facebook page.
We will revert to doing something every Friday night commencing in November
If there are any members who do catering and want to be involved please contact the club, meals will be paid for.
All members, kids and guests are very welcome

Renewals will be sent out on November 1 and are payable by the end of November, please ensure your email addresses are up to date so you donít miss out on any club news
New Members always welcome

Club rooms and the bar are open daily from 4pm to 6pm at a minimum, all members and guests are welcome

Col has retired from catering after many years of terrific service to our club for which we all thank him sincerely
He remains a valued member of the club, has taken a break up north in the sun but will be back in a few months


There has been a big push for everyone to wear life jackets as advertised on TV. We hope the message is getting through and that no one is taking risks with their safety
We all need to ensure we self inspect our inflatable jackets annually and have them professionally serviced every 2 years
Make sure you have a current & registered EPIRB if venturing more than 2 nautical miles offshore

Please support our sponsors as they continue to support us.

We are already up to round 10 can you believe it?† Please check leader board at the club rooms which is updated weekly. Donít forget, tips need to be in by 7.30pm Thursdays.

The committee has started the process of gathering information about the club in an effort to write a detailed history to ensure that none of the memories etc are lost. It is important that we pass this on to the next generation of fishos
If you have any old photos, memories, paraphernalia etc please contact the club in person or email
We can arrange to have copies done and the originals returned to you

At the angling club, we would like to promote diving activities along our beautiful coastline. If you are a diver and want to get involved with like minded people please contact me on 0409 574 671. If we get enough interest, we will arrange an initial meeting & maybe form a dive group to coordinate dive outings

All the best and keep safe