Well here we are at the pointy end of the year.

As you have been aware, the area around the club had changed once again and parking restrictions now apply on (weekends and public holidays) youíre Club parking stickers will only apply if you have a (trailer) attached whilst in the vicinity of the car park, however there are car parks at the far end towards the point that can accommodate around 8 cars.

I encourage fellow members who are fishing with mates and have your own car and here early, to park your cars in this area so as to allow other members who frequent the rooms for coffees, and a chat to park outside the rooms, not mandatory but a little consideration goes a long way.

The fishing has been a bit hit or miss as you will find in the fishing summary, however there is still good catches to be had, including pinkies, flatties, gummies, and the occasional mako. For the young ones there is plenty of action on couta, mackerel, yakas, and calamari with aero squid also making an appearance.

With that being said, i will return to the age old harassment of all vessel owners to check their Safety Gear, as Water Police and Marine safety were pretty tough last year, and being the major launching area for many a mile we will see the lads and lasses do their best to keep as many of us fishing for a long time, the last thing we donít want is the loss of a member due to poor safety maintenance.

Check your batteries your bungs, bilge pumps even do a little maintenance on your Outboard. This will all help to making a great days fishing, especially if you havenít been out for a while and you have the kids or other adults onboard.

LIFE JACKETS !!!!!! Check yours are in working order and are rated for the people that will be wearing them. No use having sumo size jackets on a kid & visa versa.

You are the Skipper and as such are responsible for all those aboard!

Competitions that are on at the moment are Flattie, Snapper, and Shark so weigh one in, it doesnít need to be the biggest for the mystery weight and there are great prizes up for grabs at presentation night.

Ramp and Launching Etiquette, please be aware once again that we are expecting a very busy year and access will be at a premium especially on fishable days and the weather is fine. Please do not park in front of the ramp while getting your boat ready, there is plenty of room to do that in the car park or before you come past the cafe as to avoid any congestion.

For those using the wash down bay please remove your boats etc before cleaning your catch as the tractor shed may need to be accessed and other boats can come in and out at short intervals.

Fish cleaning table - please ensure that you clean the table and boards after use as flies donít need extra encouragement to jump down your throat for some extra protein in your dietÖÖ

If you see Jet Skis hooning around the ramp area you are encouraged to call 000 and register a complaint, and perhaps the irresponsible ones will be encouraged not to come back!!!!.

Times & responsibilities have changed regarding fisheries and Water Police, so be aware of the consequences of non compliance.

Thatís all the Whining from me but someone has to for the benefit of us all..

Wishing everyone a safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you at the Angling Club over the coming month.


The Cap.