Hi all, well, whats left to say.

Lets start with the departure of Garry Harbinson. Garry has served the club well as head barman and tech guru & has also helped many of the members that have had issues with the new broadband and to a certain extent older lines needing to be updated. A big thankyou to Garry & Jules for some of her tasty treats over the years, we wish them every success in their new venture.

Please join me in welcoming Andrew Withington to the committee, he will be taking over from Garry.

We are currently experiencing a quiet time at the club but Im sure things will soon get busy as the weather warms up. Spring brings a multitude of enquiries for use of the club, however due to the nature and frequency we will be keeping to community groups, official club functions and certain days that the club will post in the next news letter.

As Col has said, we ask for people to stand up & help out at the club if they see something that needs doing. It is to everyones benefit that we have a safe & clean environment.

We have been actively seeking grants for the update of the kitchen and to obtain an automated defibrillator, however they have yet to be acquired.

As for the new version of the constitution it may be viewed at the club upon request and we would encourage members to have a look through.

We also welcome our most recent new members.

Matt Loader, Michael Webb (boat owners) and Rob Clarke, Rade Zukanovic, and Tony Beuamont (social members) and hope they enjoy what the club has to offer.

The social scene has been a little on the quiet side however there is still the Friday drinks along with nibbles ,nachos ,pizzas etc doing the rounds. Most enjoy a game of pool and the footy is always on so pop down. We generally shut shop around 7.30-8pm so as its not too late to get a movie or more substantial dinner.

The next committee meeting should see the spring /summer agenda roll out regarding BBQs, Christmas party etc .

Until then be safe and happy fishing.