Firstly, I would like to thank the committee and retiring Commodore Trevor for assisting me in my first months as the new Commodore. We have all been working hard to provide for all our members young and old and his help has been invaluable and enabled the club to progress and flourish.

In other news

We are actively investigating and costing a 4X4 tractor, around the 90 horse power range, which will be much more user friendly for launching and retrieving boats. We have instigated the drawing up of suitable designs for a gantry and are also looking into the purchase of a Fishing Simulator which would enable members to experience fishing techniques for different species in the comfort of the club rooms which will be very exciting.
The club has been bustling with many social evenings which has been lots of fun.

We are striving hard to cater for all members of the club and it has been heartening to hear long time members discussing fishing techniques and strategies with newer less experienced members. Thats what its all about- sharing our knowledge and nurturing a love of fishing and boating in a family friendly atmosphere.

Many thanks to all helpers who make these events successful.

Dont forget to RSVP when attending functions so that we can adequately cater for everyone.

Good luck to all in the Footy Tipping Competitors and keep enjoying our club and all its facilities.

To all the members, happy fishing and boating!

See you soon,
Commodore, Robert ( Cobber)