Fishing Report

Itís been a while between catch ups and in Col's absence I've been asked to fill you in on whatís been caught since summer.

Our fishing comps are a good way to know whatís being brought in so letís start with the winners of 17/18 year that finished on the 31st January 2018.

Club champion - Mike Estcourt took out the club championship with a strong polling in almost all the salt water comps.

Junior champion - Xavier Lalic yet again. Xavier is one of the keenest anglers in the club. He is up and ready to go at 4am every weekend.

Skinny Snapper - Joel McLoughlin and brag board winner went to Paul Mitchell.† Pauls snapper was caught outside of the comp period.

Frank McCann whiting comp - †Max Belcome and brag board by Wobbles, or Mr McDougall to his friends.

Flathead comp - Steve Trainor and he also took out the brag board.

Gummy - Paul Mitchell and brag board by Shane Korth.

Ken Wall fresh water comp - Rob "Cobber" Earl Ė Also our newest ďLife memberĒ !

Shark - Jeremy McLoughlin.† Jezza smashed all the shark species in comps and brag board.

Henny Popping took out 3 brag board awards this year.

Banjo Hilton got close to his 1st junior championship with a late run thanks to a huge gummy at 10.8kg, thatís a big fish for a young fella to haul in.

At the big presentation night all these guys, along with the mystery prize winners, took home trophies and Shimano rods and reels. These amazing prizes are sponsored heavily by Trellyís tackle world Geelong.† Chris and boys in there look after our members so be sure to mention you are from TAC when in there.

Jan / Feb saw good catches of flathead to 2kg and lots of pinkies, either just size and often up to††††† 35 / 40cm or 1 or 2kg.†One of our new committee guys, Pete Sharp, had a day out with 4 Snapper around 4kg each, so they are there if you look hard enough.
Lots of arrow head squid were around in 20 plus metres of water.† And the gummies just kept coming in as well.

The Whiting started coming through during March and April with our 1st period of the Frank McCann comp running Jan 29th to April 29th we can see quite a few reasonable catches recorded with April being the best month...but, you had to be lucky to find a good patch of them, lots of ones and twos, then bingo you'd luck onto a bunch and come in with 10 or more.† Pippies are the only bait they wanted.
A whopper caught off the beach by Steve Burton at 800grm being the stand out so far but like most summer / autumn whiting, the average size was well over 500grm and many 650grm...have to mention the boss, TD, he got a ripper high 700grm thigh slapper early on.
And still the gummies were being caught, along with a couple of big snapper to nearly 7kg.

May / June saw the whiting slow down a bit and flatties reappearing as a stable catch by the regulars Mitch and Steve T.
As often happens in May, we saw some nice one-off snapper caught, plenty of small pinkies, lots of gummies still on the cleaning table and a couple of schoolies to boot!

The Fads haven't set the world on fire as yet, but itís a good place to find a feed of flatties out just in front of them on the sand.† We hope as the reef gathers weed we'll see more action out there on the snapper later in the year.† Letís hope the kingies and tuna decide to come in for a look at them sooner than later too.

We are running our gummy / school shark combination comp right now until Sept 30th.
Ken Wall fresh water at Bullin Merri 1st weekend starts Friday Jun 29th. If you like to go and stay with the boys for the ken wall at the Bullin Merri club house contact the club or see Rob Earl for info, note in club room sleeping spots are limited, or just rock up Friday arvo at Bullin Merri with camping gear and food.†You'll be able to join with the boys in the rooms for a warm fire and a drink.

Now at the start of June, we are facing winter, but this year thereís flatties and gummies about for sure and maybe the odd snapper.†
Try your luck at dawn and dusk for whiting in close, I like the high run out tide myself.

All the best, be good, be safe, and see ya at the club or on the water.